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Growing business through design and innovation

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    Product design

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    Product branding

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    Supplier identification

We are Made, a design & innovation studio

We design pioneering solutions by looking through the eyes of our end-users. Our goal is to expand as a thriving platform that unites technology, creativity and business expertise to realize growth and improve every single customer’s quality of life.

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    Who are we?

    Made is all about Exciting Change. We're excited to make things better by continuously pushing for better things, impacting the world with positive changes. For more than 10 years we have been discovering, designing and building successful products and services that have changed the market. We walk the walk! We believe that to make something change we need excitement, but to really change the world we need to deliver! Made is a design & innovation agency that combine insight from human behavior with opportunities in technology and business to create relevant solutions in an actionable way. We are a young, dynamic, and award-winning team of ambitious design thinkers whose goal is to expand as a thriving innovation platform.

    Privacy policy Made bvba

    Last revised on September 4, 2018

    1. GENERAL

    Made, a private limited liability company (besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid or bvba), incorporated and existing under the laws of Belgium, with registered office at Klokstraat 12A, B-2600 Antwerp, Belgium (“Made”, “we”, “us”) collects data when you send us an e-mail, when you use our website www.haveitMade.be (“Website”), apps or social media (“Services”), and when you participate in user surveys organized by and on our behalf (“User Surveys”).

    You may not always be aware of it, but using our Website and/or Services implies sharing Personal Data (as defined below). According to the legal definition, personal data means any information relating to an identified or an identifiable natural person (“Personal Data”). It is sufficient to be regarded as Personal Data if the data allows us to make a direct or indirect link between one or more data on the one hand and a natural person on the other hand.

    We believe the protection of your privacy is very important and would like to provide clarity, and, hence, we have prepared this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”). Made will only use your Personal Data for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and we will not disclose your Personal Data to any natural person, legal person, or entity other than Made (“Third Party”), unless set out in section 3 of this Privacy Policy.

    The collection and processing of Personal Data is subject to strict legal conditions to give you, as a user, the necessary guarantees that your Personal Data will not be publicly disclosed in an unauthorized manner.

    Each processing will therefore always be done in compliance with the applicable EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation), together with the codes of practice, codes of conduct, regulatory guidance and standard clauses and other related legislation resulting from such Regulation, as updated from time to time (the “Privacy Legislation”).

    This Privacy Policy applies to the relationship between you and Made. Made will only process, store and use your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Legislation.

    We assume that you have read this Privacy Policy before using the Website, our Services, or participate in User Surveys, as well as given your consent to the collection and processing of the Personal Data by Made in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


    We may collect various types of Personal Data and keep it on our servers, including among others:

    • Contact details (e.g. your name, place of residence, telephone number, date of birth, sex, e-mail address, job title, business name, VAT number, CV, Portfolio); Videos, images, quotes, and other media enabling us to identify you
    • Data on the use of the Website (e.g. browser and IP address)
    • Data on the use of apps (e.g. GPS location, or the unique identification code of the device)
    • Data of e-mails (e.g. number of times the e-mail was opened); and/or
    • In general any and all Personal Data obtained in view of executed User Surveys.

    We will only store your Personal Data on servers that are located in the European Economic Area.


    Your Personal Data may be used for the following purposes (collectively, the “Purpose”):

    • Informative purposes related to the use of the Website
    • Commercial purposes related to the purchase of our Services
    • Sending of informative e-mails
    • Sending you invitations to participate to our User Surveys
    • Assessing the Personal Data obtained in view of the User Surveys in order to optimize our Services and Carrying out of electronic payments, electronic top-ups, and electronic refunds.

    Furthermore, Made has free access to your Personal Data, and may freely save and publish your Personal Data in the following cases:

    • To comply with applicable laws or regulations
    • If a law enforcement authority or other government agency so requests
    • To maintain its general Terms and Conditions
    • For investigating suspicious or fraudulent or illegal activities; and/or
    • To protect security and/or your rights or Made

    4. SAFETY

    Made shall take reasonable administrative, technical and organizational measures against unauthorized or illegal processing of Personal Data or unintentional loss, destruction or damage, unauthorized or illegal access, disclosure or use of Personal Data. In some cases, your Personal Data will be shared with Third Parties, which must also take reasonable administrative, technical and organizational measures to protect the Personal Data.

    Access to Personal Data and processing of Personal Data may also take place outside the European Union. In the event that the Personal Data are transferred outside the European Economic Area, appropriate measures will be taken.

    In the event and as a result of the discovery or notification of an infringement on the safety of the Personal Data, or access thereto by an unauthorized person, Made is legally obliged to notify you, if the infringement is likely to violate your privacy.

    5. COOKIES

    When using the Website, we collect certain information through automated systems, including cookies (small text files stored in your browser) and similar technologies, including mobile app identifiers, to increase security, measure use and effectiveness of the Website, identify problems and then resolve them. We may also use cookies and other automated systems for other purposes including the management of the Website and other aspects of the commercialization of our company.

    The information we collect in this way includes the IP address, browser properties, device properties, version of the operating system, information about actions taken on our Website (including use, activity logs and click-throughs), and dates and times of the visits to the website. Data logs are deleted on a regular basis.

    You can check the use of cookies through your browser settings and other tools. You can configure your browser to disable, reset or block (the use of) cookies or similar technologies. However, it is possible that without our use of cookies, our Website does not work properly, or that not all features of the Website are available.

    Third Parties may also use cookies to gather information about your activities on our Website in order to understand and continuously improve the functioning of the Website. For more information about the use of cookies by Third Parties, we refer you to the website of the relevant Third Party, as they will use cookies in accordance with their own cookie policy, which may differ from our own policy.

    By continuing to use the Website you accept the use of cookies in your browser in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


    Unless this Privacy Policy provides otherwise, we will not sell, transfer or in any other manner disclose your Personal Data to Third Parties, without your prior explicit consent, unless this is necessary for the Purpose as set out in this Privacy Policy, or unless we are legally obliged to do so.


    We want to guarantee a safe and lawful processing of Personal Data, and we assure you that your Personal Data will be processed in a straightforward and lawful way. This implies that the Personal Data will only be processed for the aforementioned, explicitly stated and legal Purpose. Made furthermore assures that the Personal Data will always be processed in an adequate, relevant and non-excessive manner.

    My right for information

    If you have questions or suggestions with regard to the processing of your Personal Data, provided you are able to prove your identity, you have the right to request information concerning the processing. We will then provide you with access to your Personal Data that we process as well as the source of these Personal Data.

    My right of rectification or erasure

    You have the right to have your Personal Data rectified, erased or amended, free of charge, to correct inaccuracies, in the event these Personal Data is incomplete or incorrect, or is being processed in an unlawful manner. You have the right to request the erasure of incorrect data or data that is not relevant in such manner.

    You have the right to have your Personal Data erased without undue delay, free of charge, unless the Personal Data has to remain stored in accordance with a legal provision. The erasure is predominantly related to visibility, which entails the possibility that the erased Personal Data will remain stored temporarily. However, Made will take any and all reasonable measures to erase all your Personal Data as fully and extensively as possible.

    In case you fully exercise your right of erasure, notwithstanding the fact that you own a ticket for a future event, this ticket will be cancelled without reimbursement.

    My right of transferability of Personal Data

    You have the right to request your Personal Data in a structured format.

    My right to object or restrict the processing

    You can, at all times, object to the processing of your Personal Data, or request to restrict the processing of your Personal Data.


    We may store your Personal Data as long as reasonably required to provide you with the Services, and for the Purpose as described in this Privacy Policy. Afterwards, your Personal Data will be erased.

    This means that we may retain your Personal Data until we receive your request to unsubscribe through an opt-out sent by e-mail at info@haveitmade.be or by writing to Made, Klokstraat 12A, B-2600 B-Antwerp, Belgium. In any event Made ensures that any and all of your Personal Data will be deleted within thirty (30) calendar days following such opt-out request.


    You acknowledge and accept that by using the Website or the Services you can gain access to certain content or services provided by Third Parties. In such case, a separate privacy policy of such a Third Party may apply. Made is not responsible for the privacy policy of Third Parties, nor for compliance therewith.


    If required, this Privacy Policy may be modified or updated to allow Made to process your previously collected Personal Data for new purposes. In such case, you will be informed about this via a notification on our Website or your submitted e-mail address that the Privacy Policy has been amended and you will be requested to agree to this.

    Responsible for processing:

    Made bvba
    Klokstraat 12A, B-2600 Antwerp, Belgium
    +32 (0) 3 231 76 84




    These are the Made Terms and Conditions.


    The BVBA (Private Limited Liability Company) Made, registered at 2600 Antwerp, Klokstraat 12A and company registration number 0809.023.055.


    All agreements between Made and Customer.


    The other party in the Agreement with Made.


    Any form of information on the basis of which a natural person can be identified or is identifiable in accordance with the interpretation given to it in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)


    All intellectual, industrial and other property rights (regardless whether they are registered or not), including but not limited to copyrights, neighbouring rights, trademarks, trade names, logos, drawings, models or applications for registration as drawing or model, patents, applications for patents, domain names, know-how, and also rights to databases, software and semiconductors.


    Both Made and the Customer jointly.


    2.1 Without prejudice to the application of any special terms and conditions included in a separate written Agreement, these Terms and Conditions are applicable to any offer, quote or agreement made between Made and its Customer. In case of any discrepancy between these Terms and Conditions and any separate written Agreement, the terms and conditions of said separate written agreement will be valid.

    2.2 Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions implies also that the Customer fully renounces the application of their own terms and conditions.


    3.1 All of Made’s offers are without obligation and therefore are not binding for them. Neither do orders from a customer. An Agreement between Made and its Customer is only finalised by the signing of an order confirmation or any other written agreement by a business manager (zaakvoerder) of Made. Made’s agents, sales people or their employees are not authorised to legally bind Made.

    3.2 Our offers are only binding if they have been signed by the business manager (zaakvoerder) of Made, after which they remain valid for one month, unless indicated otherwise.


    4.1 Made shall do its utmost to carry out its order as carefully as possible, to serve the Customer’s interests to the best of its abilities and to strive for a result that is usable for the Customer. This is an obligation of means, and cannot be construed as an obligation of result.

    4.2 All deliveries of goods and/or any implementation of services not explicitly included in a written Agreement between Made and its Customer or in the absence thereof in an order confirmation issued by Made, shall be considered to be additional orders and/or extra work at the customer’s request and shall therefore be invoiced to the Customer.

    4.3 If, when the Agreement is being carried out, the Customer asks additional questions which are an material change to the Agreement’s working in principle or which mean a change in direction compared to its last stage, or when a Customer renounces its approval of one of the agreement’s stages, Parties shall agree on a new price. Within this framework, Made shall prepare a new offer for the extra hours of work which will be needed compared to what was estimated in the original offer.


    5.1 Made does not have any liability in terms of the implementing partner chosen by the Customer and the technical realisation by said partner. There shall be no contractual relationship whatever between Made and the implementing partner chosen by the Customer.

    Made shall never be liable for any additional costs or extra work caused by changes, issues or delays because of the technical realisation by the implementing partner.


    6.1 All indicated times of delivery and/or implementation are always for information purposes only and are not an essential part of Made’s obligations towards the Customer, nor of the (Licence)Agreement between Made and the Customer, nor of the order confirmation issued by Made.

    6.2 No delay in any of the original or the additional time(s) of delivery and/or implementation shall ever be the cause for any compensation, nor shall it lead to the termination of the (Licence)Agreement between Made and the Customer.


    7.1 All prices are exclusive of VAT and in €.

    7.2 For each order we calculate a bespoke price. This price is only valid for one particular order and is therefore not valid for any other, even similar, orders.

    7.3 Invoices shall be issued monthly using the number of hours shown on the timesheet as worked that month or in case of a Licence agreement, according to the conditions laid down in said Licence agreement.

    7.4 Unless parties have agreed differently in writing, Made’s invoices are payable at the latest thirty (30) days after the invoice date.

    7.5 Price quotes (if applicable) are issued exclusive of travel expenses (0.4€/km of the cost of train fare). Travelling time will be charged pro rata at the hourly rates for the relevant profiles (junior/implementing: 88€/h, Project Lead/advanced designer: 100€/h, senior: 115€/h, Partner: 125€/h) in addition to the amount of the price quote. International travel and accommodation expenses will always be notified in advance to the Customer, and once approved, charged in addition to the amount of the price quote.

    7.6 Following acceptance of an order by the Customer, Made may decide, at its discretion, whether to make said order subject to an advance payment by the Customer of 30% of the price quoted by Made.

    7.7 Customer must notify Made of any complaints concerning the invoice via registered mail at the latest three (3) working days after receiving it. Failing any challenge to the invoice within that period, the Customer is deemed to have accepted the invoice definitively and unreservedly.

    7.8 In case of non-payment or insufficient payment on the invoice’s expiry date, following shall be valid automatically, by operation of law and without further notification:

    (1) 12% APR interest rate, capitalised yearly;

    (2) Customer shall owe a flat fee compensation equivalent to 10 % of the invoice amount with a minimum of €100.-, without prejudice to Made’s right to prove higher damages and seek compensation thereof;

    (3) Customer must pay all judicial and extrajudicial collection costs;

    (4) All other invoices issued by Made to the Customer shall become immediately payable, even those before expiry date;

    (5) Made shall have the right to suspend and/or terminate any (further) implementation of the (Licence)Agreement in question and/or of one or more other (Licence)Agreements with the Customer, without judicial intervention being required or without prior notice.

    7.9 Points (4) and (5) are also applicable in case of impending bankruptcy, judicial or conventional dissolution, application of the Belgian Law of 31 January, 2009 concerning companies’ continuity, payment arrears or any other fact giving Made substantiated reason to mistrust the Customer’s solvency.


    8.1 The intellectual rights associated with the products and services developed by Made at the Customer’s request shall only be transferred to the Client after full payment of the principal, any interest, expenses and flat-fee compensation.

    8.2 Only the intellectual rights of the design ultimately chosen by the Customer shall be transferred to the Customer. The intellectual rights to all other designs produced by Made in the context of this Agreement shall remain Made’s property.

    8.3 The actual property of any sold good shall only be transferred to the Customer upon and after full payment by the Customer of anything owed to Made in return for all goods delivered by Made or to be delivered by Made, including payment of the agreed price, costs, interests and any compensation. Nevertheless, all risks of loss or destruction of the sold good shall be borne in their entirety by the Customer from the moment the sold good has been delivered to them.


    9.1 Customer agrees that their name and the order carried out for them or the design given to them under Licence shall be mentioned on the site www.haveitmade.be or in any other of Made’s publications, together with their pictures. These could serve commercial or information purposes for third parties.


    10.1 Customer has exclusive and full responsibility to check and decide whether their designs are appropriate and whether they comply with all legal and quality requirements in terms of the use and/or purpose the Customer wishes to use them for.

    10.2 Made is not in any way liable in terms of compliance of its designs with any legal or quality requirements, unless they have been informed conclusively and in writing by their Customer.


    Customer agrees to not distribute or communicate or have communicated or distributed, to not use either directly or indirectly any of the confidential data, information, intelligence, applications, methods and know-how and also any other sort of document of which they gained knowledge during the implementation of the (Licence)Agreement, unless with prior and written permission from Made. This Confidentiality obligation remains valid after termination of the (Licence)Agreement, more specifically until the information in question has become common knowledge without involvement from the other party.


    12.1 The Customer is fully and exclusively responsible for content that he makes known or makes available to Made (the “Content of the Customer”). The Customer guarantees that the Content of the Customer and Made ́s access to it and the processing of the Content, within the context of the execution of the Agreement, is in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions, does not constitute a violation of any regulations or ordinances and/or any rights of third parties.

    12.2. If, and to the extent that, Made receives access to any Personal Data and/or must process any Personal Data for the Customer ́s account in the execution of its obligations under these General Terms and Conditions, Made and the Customer agree that the Customer acts as “controller” and Made acts as “processor”, as specified in the GDPR and, in that case:

    (1) Made shall process Personal Data exclusively in so far as necessary in order to deliver the agreed goods or services to the Customer;

    (2) Made shall act exclusively for the account and on the basis of valid instructions of the Customer;

    (3) the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Personal Data can be transferred to or stored in any country of the European Union, in order to fulfil Made ́s obligations under these General Terms and Conditions;

    (4) the Customer shall ensure that he is authorised to transfer relevant Personal Data to Made so that Made can validly use, process, retain and transfer these Personal Data in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions;

    (5) the Customer shall ensure that the relevant third parties are informed about or dispose of the necessary legal mechanisms in order to implement such utilisation, processing, retention and any valid instruction given from time to time by the Customer;

    (6) the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Personal Data will be shared with the employees, representatives, officers, directors, agents, advisors, subsidiaries, subcontractors and consultants of Made who need to know such data so that they can assist in the execution of the Agreement;

    (7) Made and the Customer shall each take the appropriate technical and organisational measures that are required in order to protect the Personal Data against accidental loss or unauthorised or unlawful destruction, as well as against any change of or access to and any other unauthorised processing of the Personal Data.


    13.1 Customer agrees to abstain from, during the term of the Agreement and during a period of twelve (12) months after the end of the Agreement:

    a) any attempt to solicit or entice away any employee (including but not limited to freelancers and employees) of Made to terminate its relationship with Made; and

    b) any attempt to solicit or entice away any customer, client, supplier, agent, or other partner to terminate its relationship with Made or to cause them to adversely affect the applicable contractual terms to the detriment of Made.

    13.2 Customer shall pay to Made damage in a lump sum amount of EUR 50,000 for each infringement to this article 13, [to be increased by EUR 1,500 for each day that such infringement continues after the first day of infringement,] which will not require an additional notice of default or court decision, without prejudice to the Company’s right to claim additional damages if it can establish that it has incurred a prejudice exceeding the above amounts.


    14.1 Made is not liable with regards to the customer for serious or intentional errors committed by their employees, colleagues and/or representatives when doing their job.

    14.2 Made’s liability shall in any case be limited to the lowest of following amounts:

    - The already invoiced amounts of the current (Licence)Agreement

    - The amount Made can re-claim from their insurer.

    14.3 Made is not liable for nor can they be held accountable for compensation of any immaterial, indirect or resulting damage, including (but not limited to) loss of profit, loss of turnover, loss of income, production limits, administration or personnel costs, an increase in general costs, loss of customers or claims by third parties.


    15.1 Made is not liable for any shortcomings in its obligations caused by force majeure in its broadest possible sense.


    16.1 Except following explicit and written permission by Made, Customer is not allowed to cancel its confirmed order, nor the (Licence)Agreement between Made and the Customer, except in case of force majeure which the Customer cannot prevent in any way.

    16.2 In case an order and/or the (Licence)Agreement between Made and the Customer gets cancelled by or under instruction of the Customer, even with explicit written permission from Made, Customer shall owe a flat fee compensation equivalent to 35% of all amounts still to be invoiced, without prejudice to the explicit right of Made to claim higher amounts of compensation if these can be proven.

    16.3 If an ongoing project is suspended by the Customer, for reasons not attributable to Made and/or without Made’s agreement, or if the suspension of an ongoing project is notified by the Customer after having confirmed the project 30 days previously and thus having already been scheduled by made, Made shall be entitled to invoice the Customer for 50% of the value of the scheduled hours in the next 30 days. If the project restarts afterwards, that time will be charged in addition to the total budget of the project.


    Made has the right to dissolve the agreement with the Customer at any given time, immediately, without court order, without prior notice and without payment of any compensation in following instances: (i) if the Customer, even after a written notice with seven (7) working days compliance period, still defaults the (timely and correct) implementation of one or more obligations resulting from this agreement; (ii) in case of cessation of payment or the (application for) bankruptcy by the Customer; (iii) when the Customer’s business gets liquidated or stopped; (iv) if the Customer’s ownership changes; (v) if any (or part of) the Customer’s assets are seized. In case of any dissolution, Made has the right to claim a flat fee compensation equivalent to 35% of all amounts still to be invoiced and all claims issued by Made with regards to the Customer shall become immediately payable.


    The choice of Made not to apply a certain right, even repeatedly, can only be interpreted as a choice to indulge a certain situation for a certain period of time and shall never mean that Made forfeits such right(s).


    19.1 If one or more articles of these Terms and Conditions or the (Licence)Agreement prove to be invalid or are declared invalid by a judge, all other articles of these Terms and Conditions or the (Licence)Agreement remain valid.

    19.2 In that case, parties shall negotiate about these invalid articles in order to come to an acceptable alternative solution. This alternative solution shall not affect the rationale of these Terms and Conditions or of the (Licence)Agreement.


    20.1 These Terms and Conditions and the (Licence)Agreement are governed by Belgian Law.

    20.2 All disputes between the Parties concerning agreements governed by these Terms and Conditions shall be decided on exclusively by the competent Courts in the Antwerp District.


    These Terms and Conditions are available upon simple request. The Dutch version of these Terms and Conditions is the only original one.